John Reynolds’ Official Full Version of “White Moon (Southern Sky)” Song Featured in CW Gossip Girl Promo

HooRey! Records flagship artist John Reynolds unwittingly created an online frenzy when his song “White Moon (Southern Sky)” was used as promo for the CW’s Gossip Girl television show. The song was used to promote an upcoming episode of the series, but fans immediately took to the internet trying to find out who sang the a cappella song.

As luck would have it and is often the case in the fast-paced world of music licensing, neither Reynolds nor HooRey! Records (the label he co-founded in the fall of 2011) knew the song was being used or that it had aired until well-after the fact.

“Some of my music was made available for placement in film and television a while back,” says Reynolds. “We weren’t notified that “White Moon (Southern Sky)” was being used until after it had aired. I was blown away by the response  to my music by the fans of Gossip Girl. They went crazy looking for who wrote and performed it. One blogger went to the trouble of contacting the CW’s music supervisor to get permission to post a video montage on YouTube.”

When Reynolds became aware of the online demand for his music, he contacted one of the more prominent and vocal bloggers who began the campaign to discover who sang “White Moon (Southern Sky).” Check out his interview on Noize.

Reynolds worked with HooRey! to get a full-length version of the song on the major online music retailers. He also released it in combination with another track “Resurrection Town” that he thought worked really well with “White Moon.” Here’s where you can find both tracks:



Google/Android Market



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